With the opening of the 8th anniversary

T's ストーリー

We celebrated T’s restaurant’s 8th anniversary.
We’re really thank to all your cooperations, and we’re very glad to have opened 8 years so far.
We thank to all those who visited us, held the events at the shop, trade with us, advise us, introduced us to the media, and work as staff or part-time worker…etc. We really thank to you all.
8 years ago, I was a housewife until May 24th in 2009.
I got to have my own purpose of my own life in May 22nd, surprising things that mustn’t be happening ordinarily happened everyday after May 25th.
From there 4 months, September 25th, T’s restaurant opened.
Through these 8 years, I’ve met many people and experienced many different things.
T’s restaurant doesn’t use meat, fish, milk and eggs. At first, we wanted to make the ordinary menus like an ordinary family restaurant had.
But through few years after we opened, I realized that everyone who had food allergies, dietary restrictions in health, religion or animal welfare enjoy our food having a same dish at a same table.
At the same time, they had become thought their own diet by being surprising our food.
And these few years, I’ve heard that by having such food, customers have felt more concrete good effects not like “I got my body light!”or “It’s good for health!”

  1. One customer said, “Those seem just fried chicken, hamburg, dandan noodles, tonkotsu ramen, parfait…etc, but when we eat them, my stomach doesn’t feel heavy. The real deliciousness is to long the comfort in the body not temporarily after we eat them.”
  2. One nail artist, who needs concentration and imagination, said, “Concentration and imagination really depend on what I eat. To have vegetable and on-chemical seasoning food makes my mind gentle and enables me to aim to my aim. Before I noticed this, I was irritated everyday. I’m sure that I could win the achievement owing to changing my diet.”
  3. When one world famous vocalist came to our restaurant, he said, “When writing songs, or training before lives, first of all, I change my diet.
    During that term, I only have vegetable food and restrict my diet seriously. But I’m not harsh because I want to choose good thing to my own body and my own aim, even the people around me drink or smoke , and eat meat at a party.
    I think it’s amazing that T’s restaurant serves really tasty food even it’s vegetable!”

I am a vegan too, so I know the differences between the ordinary diet and the vegan diet, but the those people’s words persuasive strongly, who work using their own bodies.
To be healthy is important to everyone.
When you notice what is certain , you’d better execute it by yourself to make you better and happier. For example, you go to bed early, eat only when you are hungry, or eat good food for your own health.
I’m sure that the good thing spreads person by person, who find it out “good”. I hope that the healthy, comfortable and gentle space is getting bigger and bigger from around me.
We were born, and we came in to the world to enjoy our lives. Mind as well take good care of your own mind and body, and enjoy your life, don’t you?
For your continuous support, and wish you your health and happiness.

M of T’s restaurant




当店のオーナー 下川 祠左都によるエッセイ「T’sストーリー」は2010年1月から始まりました。専業主婦からレストランの経営者へ。そこから始まる物語をつづっています。


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