9th Anniversary

おかげさまで T’s レストランは9周年を迎えました。


第1弾 9月25日~10月16日ランチタイム

  • トマトとバジルのドリア
  • パエリアドリア


  • 人気のドリアに油淋鶏(1個)を無料でトッピング!
  • スイーツメニューにアイスをお1つ無料でおつけします!


About Our 9th Anniversary Event!

We will be celebrating our 9th anniversary on September 25.
Since our opening on September 25, 2009 we have been deeply grateful for all the support we have received from all our guests.
We will make efforts to keep serving good tasting food, spread the importance of health and to have a chain reaction of smiles in our restaurant.
We hope to have your continued patronage. “A Doria Fair” to celebrate our 9th Anniversary!
T’s Doria with white sauce made from soy milk has been an absolute favorite at T’s Restaurant.
Please enjoy our original “Tomato & Basil Doria” and new Doria as well!
First Week! (Sep25-Oct16 Lunchtime)

  • Tomato & Basil Doria
  • Paella Doria

We’ll keep you informed of following events.
Special Offer for Sep25 Only!

  • Free piece of Yurinchi topping with order of our popular Doria!
  • One free scoop of ice cream with order of any sweets!